The Sword of the Death Knight

In a time long forgotten to the mortal and near immortal races of Azeroth, in a time when the world was still considered young, a group of beings known as the Titans entrusted the world’s safety to five flights of dragons. The Dragon Aspects and their respective flights watched over Azeroth and kept her safe. In the far reaches of the universe, the Betrayer saw the world shining like a beacon and was drawn to her powers. Sargeras sent his Burning Legion to Azeroth, bent on claiming the powers of the Well of Eternity for himself. His first invasion failed, foiled by the Dragon Aspects and Night Elven forces. His second and subsequent attempts also failed, but with each attempt, he gets closer to his goal.

The dragonflights have since been unable to focus their attention on the safekeeping of the world, having been attacked and utterly decimated by one of their own. Each of the dragonflights were spread thin, and fought for their survival against the Black Dragonflight and their master Deathwing. The mortals of the world were left to fend for themselves … but not completely. Each of the dragonflights left various relics behind, empowered to fight against the demons of the Burning Legion. One such relic, a massive runic blade by the name of Wyrmsfire, would find it’s way into the hands of a young Death Knight named Khelandros Glowember. And for a time, it would be used in a manner that went against everything the weapon stood for.

This is the story of the runic dragonblade, created by the Blue Dragonflight, deep within the howling caverns of the dragon graveyard. Here they would be safe from the attacking flights of black dragons and their master. Here they would be able to work unheeded, creating items of great power to aid the mortal races in their fight against the Legion. Here, work began on a block of crystal, blue in color and harder than diamond. Dragonfire melted the crystal down into a smoldering heap of a manageable material. Folded over and over again, heated and cooled, the material worked itself into some semblence of a weapon. Throughout the process, the weapon was infused with the magics of the dragons. The magics would take on the aspects of the frost and cold northern lands in which it was wrought.

In the final hours of it’s forging, the sword was engraved with runic symbols. In the draconic language, the runes read: Wyrmsfire the Blue. A single tear-drop fell from the dragon for whom the blade had been named. The tear fell upon the blade, filling the crevaces left by the mighty dragons claw. The runes began to glow bright blue, flames of a frostfire dancing upon the blade and sealing the sword with its magic. It was then that something unexpected happened.

It became sentient…


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