Who is your RP Rival?

So I’ve been listening to this really cool podcast done by some friends of mine over on Earthen Ring. The podcast focuses on roleplay and lore, and the guys and gals over there are doing a great job! One of the topics they discussed back in Episode 4 is the reason for the post today: Character Rivals!

So that got me thinking about who Khelandros’ in-game rival was. For most death knights who participated in the Battle at Light’s Hope, their rival is Arthas or the Scourge. I’ve also run into a few who actually hate the Alliance or Horde, and have vowed to take up the mantle of the Lich King himself. One death knight I had the fortune of roleplaying with actually wants to turn the Scourge into a force of power and challenge Sargeras himself.

For me, I’ve taken things a step further in my opinion. Khelandros’ rival is someone to whome he is very close to. Their rivalry is forced upon them by an outside organization, but it is there nonetheless. Khelandros’ rival is his twin sister, Aeoar. In order to understand why, we have to take a step back in time to before Light’s Hope, when Khelandros was still an agent of the Lich King.

During the years Khel served under Arthas, Aeoar also served secretly for SI:7. The organization trained her as an assassin, using her to infiltrate various groups. She would gain valuable intel and report back to SI:7. She had spent a lot of time with one group called the Society of the Silent Blade, and had worked her way deep into the heart of the organization. Ironically, they used her as an assassin as well. They had targeted a certain death knight who was only known as The Dark Destroyer, who had been reported to be leading a contingent of Death Knights to assault Light’s Hope Chapel. He was her target.

Needless to say, Aeoar almost completed her mission. Up until the part where she looked into his eyes. It was then that she realized that her target was none other than her own brother. Her twin. She couldn’t do it, and was forced to abandon her mission. Her failure marked her for death by her employer and she quickly found herself without a home or any protection. She blamed Khelandros for loosing everything and vowed to fulfill the one mission that she failed.

So who is your RP rival? It can be an NPC, another player, or even one of your other characters. And if you aren’t sure, well, now’s a great time to think about it and give your roleplay even more depth!

I really appreciate you taking time to read through my thoughts here at The Conundrum Effect! Next scheduled post will be intriducing you to my wonderful gnome Conundrum! Until the next time myfriends…


2 Responses to Who is your RP Rival?

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  2. Shizukera says:

    Shizu’s biggest rival used to be her own mother, the death knight Serreina. That’s calmed down considerably since said mother had her runeblade broken and reforged and has finally (mostly) regained her sanity, although Serreina still has a lot of work to do to rebuild her relationships with her children – her son isn’t nearly as forgiving as Shizu.

    Of course, now the demon who killed Serreina and her mate at Hyjal has decided he wants to finish wiping out the Nightfury family. It’s a pretty powerful, badass demon, so there’s quite a bit of stuff building up.

    Rivalries are great though – there’s nothing like conflict to shape a character!

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