Random Healing

Welcome to another exciting post here at The Conundrum Effect! I’m starting a new column here at the blog called Random Healing, and I’d like to share all of my experiences as I heal my way through the game. I’ve played healing classes before (Paladin, Druid, and Shaman), but never actually did any healing. I have always been a melee class, preferring to mix it up and get in your face. I like to keep things personal.

With the release of the Looking for Dungeon tool, running random instances has been all the rage. Most of you may know that my main is a level 80 Death Knight, and I’ve managed to PuG my way through four pieces of Tier 9 gear. And my god, it has been a pure, fucking nightmare! I swear to god that everyone and their mother plays a DPS class. Where are all of the damn healers?! This lack of healers led me to create … Her.

Istaria Glowember. No RP backstory for her yet, but don’t worry. That’s coming later on, probably as Cataclysm draws closer.

I simply just got tired of the 20 min wait times for random instances, only to have a healer bail out on us. So I said: “Fuck it! I’ll make a healer, and I’ll be a good damn one too!” With all of the daily Argent Tournament quests that I had been running getting Khelandros up to Crusader level, I had enough to buy two sets of heirloom armor. One set I wasted on leather armor for my rogue, so is now sitting by the wayside. The other set of armor went to Istaria. So she is now proudly wearing a Tattered Dreadmist Robe and Tattered Dreadmist Mantle, which gives me a combined 20% increase in XP gain from killing monsters and turning in quests. Not bad at all. I am now working on getting her a one-handed mace, the Devote Aurastone Hammer.

For Specialization, I had absolutely NO clue what route to take. I knew that I wanted to heal, so I stayed away from the Shadow spell tree. I have heard nothing but good things about the Discipline tree so I decided to head that route. I did invest three points in the Shadow tree, getting Spirit Tap. This ability gives me a 100% chance to gain a 100% increase to my spirit, which allows my mana to regenerate 83% faster, even while casting. Not too bad. More mana?? Yes please!!

My next 5 points went into Twin Disciplines, which increases the damage and healing of my instant spells by 5%. Ok, big whup, right? That’s what I thought. How many instant cast spells do I have at level 17? Two! A heal over time and a damage over time. This talent doesn’t do my fucking squat right now. But since I’m focusing on PvE and not PvP, I chose to stay away from Unbreakable Will. So that’s where my talents stand right now.

I actually was able to moderately heal my way through three Ragefire Chasims. My first run, I let the group know that I was new to healing and I needed to move slowly to get my feet wet. They were completely understanding and totally cool. The tank said: “Just keep me over 50% health, and don’t overheal and steal my aggro”. They were a great bunch and I was thrilled that the run went so well.

Follow on runs didn’t pan out so well, and while we did not wipe at all, the last run in the Deadmines was almost a complete disaster. The rogue thought he was the shit and decided that he could solo VanCleef, without telling any of us. The tank had to have been totally oblivious to the fact that he even had a healer. With every group of trash mobs, the tank and the rogue decided to each solo a small group, so I was healing both. At level 17, I have two heal spells, one heal over time, and a small pool of mana.

Guess what fuckers: If you don’t see a blue bar under my character’s portrait, I’m not fucking healing you. So, based on my experiences, I’ve developed a small list of my own Do’s and Dont’s for all of you non-healers.

Do be courteous and stop for mana breaks when your healer announces that he or she may be out of mana
Do remind your healer when you need a refresh of your buff, because chances are, I’m not monitoring it as a new priest
Do give your priest epic thanks at the end of your runs

Don’t run into a pack of trash mobs when your healer announces that they are out of mana
Don’t attempt to solo anything if you are not the tank (my job is to keep said tank alive so he or she can pull shit off your dumb ass)
Don’t piss your healer off, because I guarentee you that you will have one huge repair bill

Well, that’s all I have about my experiences as a healer so far. And to be honest, it’s been mostly good. Level 18 is coming up, so I’ll get a few more spells to add to my rotation, though I’m not sure of what they are yet. I’m very much enjoying being a healer, and may have found my true calling. Stay tuned for more updates to the Random Healing column, and the Conundrum Effect as well. Take care my friends!


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