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I often get asked the same question, over and over: “What exactly IS a Conundrum Effect?” I came up with the idea of the title one day while thinking about gnomes. Yes, our favorite little friends who light up our faces with bright smiles as we see them sailing through the air courtesy of a Tauren punt. I have a gnome… aptly named Conundrum.

If any of you have ever read a Dragonlance novel, you’ll know that gnomestalkreallyfastrunningall oftheirwordstogetherlikethisanditgetsreallycrazytoreadandunderstand. If you can get through it without getting a headache, you might start to zone out, cocking your head to the side. You might also get a little twitching of the eye, but that is extremely rare. Here in Azeroth, I’ve got a good friend who plays a wonderful gnome named Lokker. He doesn’t take Lokker’s speach to the extreme like those of Dragonlance, but he’s got a little quirk about him in that some words will be repeated twice. It’s a very unique aspect of his character and I love it. Interactions with a gnome usually involve a punt at some point, or at the very least, the longing to punt. It’s this effect that gnomes have on all of the rest of us that I like to call The Conundrum Effect

The content that you will see here will be from a variety of sources: roleplaying, character development, news, and other topics as I choose to write about. My main focus will be based more on my characters and their adventures in Azeroth rather than anything specific. At one point, I tried to have a certain focus for the blog, but I found that I strayed from it on a regular basis. There are many blogs out there dedicated to the different character classes, such as Druids or Rogues. I believe that if I limit the blog content to specific content, then I limit you to that content as well.

So now I just write about anything and hope that you all enjoy it enough to keep coming back!


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