The Cast

The Glowembers

Khelandros Glowember – Former Paladin of the Silver Hand. Son of Khisanith, twin brother to Aeoar. Khelandros Glowember fought alongside Arthas in Northrend. He was there when the prince took hold of Frostmourne. When Arthas called for those to follow him, Khelandros pledged himself to the prince eventually becoming a Death Knight, commanding a unit of specially trained Death Knights called The Frost Knights, and was given the title The Dark Destroyer by his peers for his merciless attitude. Newly freed from the Lich King’s control, Khelandros fights alongside members of the group Netherbane, learning about their demon hunter ways, and teaching them about the life of a death knight.

 Aeoar Glowember – Daughter to Khisanith, twin sister to Khelandros. Trained by SI:7 in Stormwind, Aeoar learned the art of assassination and stealth. She existed only to infiltrate the ranks of many organizations, causing intrigue and destruction from within. A skilled combatant, she uses a mix of seduction, stealth, and her daggers to complete her objectives. One recent mission forced her to hunt and kill a certain Death Knight known as The Dark Destroyer, but upon finding out his identity, could not complete the mission. She is now hunted by members of the Society of the Silent Blade, branded as a traitor, and is to be executed on sight. She fights alongside her brother, helping members of the Netherbane from the shadows, where she is safer.

Khisanith Glowember – Father of twins Khelandros and Aeoar. Khisanith disappeared before Arthas’ return to Lordaeron from Northrend as a Death Knight. He was last seen heading south through Silverpine Forest towards the kingdom of Gilneas. Shortly afterwards, the Greymane Wall had sealed off the outside world from Gilneas, cutting all communications. Khisanith has no idea the fates that have befallen his twins, nor do they know the terrible curse inflicted upon their father.

Cataclysm will tear the world apart, but bring this family together once again. Their true heritage as Gilnean citizens and the role their family played in that kingdom will be revealed.

Allies to the Glowember Family

Conundrum – As his name implies, Conundrum is a bit of a puzzle to figure out. A self proclaimed warlock, Conundrum is rarely ever successful in conjuring demons to serve him. He has a good heart, and has helped both Khelandros and Aeoar several times in the past.

Wyrmsfire the Blue – Created 10,000 years ago, the dragon blade was infused with the essence of a blue dragon of the same name. The sword was used as a weapon to combat the Burning Legion, but became unstable and drove many to the brink of madness. The sword has found a new host in that of the Death Knight Khelandros Glowember. Together, they fight the Scourge and the Burning Legion as allies.


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